Learning without Borders Global Education Comparative Study Centre (LwB-GEx) 

Learning without Borders Global Education Comparative Study Centre (LwB-GEx) is an academic research organization proposed and initiated by Learning without Borders, in association with the Global China Institute. It is a division of the Global China Thinktank, a knowledge-based thinktank for social consultancy. It aims to bring resources from China and Chinese comparative studies to the mission of shaping a global society. LwB-GEx is managed by the Global China Institute, a UK-based academic institution that aims to promote the study of China in comparative perspective in all aspects, and to participate in the building and governance of a global society.

LwB-GEx is based on research into key factors in the development of global education, such as motivation, innovation and career development. Through the comparative research approach, it compares management initiatives and the essential data of education systems and organizations in different countries.

LwB-GEx’s database aims to provide statistics and information on the theory and practice of the core values in education, as a reference for various educational and management organizations and professionals.

LwB-GEx will publish relevant research results in different forms, disseminating these through its high-end dialogue on global education and global employability (GEx) at the world's largest education fair (UniFair), with a view to achieving the rapid and coordinated development of global education and to promoting learning without borders.

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