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for China and China in Comparative Studies

2018 Post-Dialogue Forum

 9:30-16:00 Saturday 8 December

Khalili Lecture Theatre (KLT), SOAS, Torrington Square, Bloomsbury, London WC1H 0XG 

With the spread of globalization, achievements in China studies around the world have attracted increasing attention. The Academic Publishing and Knowledge Service Forum on China and China in Comparative Studies will involve leading Chinese academic publishers, librarians, scholars, study centres and internationally known social scientists, discussing how China’s academic publishing can gain international recognition, how China studies and comparative studies on China are developing in the world and digital solutions for knowledge management and academic collaboration. It is hoped this will make cross-faculty, cross-institute or even cross-country academic cooperation more effective, promoting and enhancing the influence of academic knowledge acquisition and dissemination.


  • Global China Institute, UK
  • The Lau China Institute, King’s College London, UK
  • The China Media Centre, University of Westminster, UK
  • National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI), China. 

Languages: English and Chinese


09:30-10:00 Registration

10:00-10:15 Opening session

Chair:Dr Dongning Feng, Senior Lecturer, Department of Linguistics, School of Languages, Cultures and Linguistics; former Chair of the Centre for Translation Studies, SOAS, University of London, UK

Greetings (5 minutes each):

  • Mr XIANG Xiaowei, Minister-Counsellor, Culture Office, Chinese Embassy to the UK
  • Professor ZHU Guanglei, Vice-President of Nankai University; Vice-President of the Chinese Association of Political Science, China

10:15-11:30 Panel I Academic Publishing and Knowledge Service by CNKI 

Speakers (12 minutes each):

  • A comparative and comprehensive search on the theme ‘Chinese civilisation comparison’ in some digital databases in the West and CNKI, Mrs Ingrid Cranfield, Vice-President of Global China Institute; President and Principal Editor of Global Century Press: 
  • Chengdu's historical and cultural heritage and interpretation of civilization: An application of CNKI resource, Dr ZHAO Shu, Associate Professor of Department of Teaching and Research for Society Building, Chengdu Institute of Public Administration (CIPA), China
  • Academic development of Chinese philosophical social sciences in the past decade from the literature big data (2006-2015), Ms FENG Qi, General Manager, Global China Studies Division, CNKI, Tongfang Knowledge Network Technology Co., Ltd. China
  • Knowledge Service and Management for Chinese Philosophical Social Sciences,Mr XIAO Hong, General Manager and Principal Editor, CNKI, Tongfang Knowledge Network Technology Co., Ltd., China

Discussion, Q&A

11:30-11:45 Coffee/tea break

11:45-13:00 Panel II Chinese academic and cultural publication in a global community

Chair:Professor JIN Wei, School of Marxism at Wuhan University, China; Visiting Fellow at Lau China Institute, King's College of London, UK

Speakers (12 minutes each):

  • An Analysis of the Measurement and Improvement Path of Chinese Culture’s International Influence, Professor LIN Jian, Principal Editor of the Journal of Renmin University of China; Research Fellow of The National Academy of Development and Strategy (NADS), Renmin University of China
  • Integration and Open: Knowledge management and service of overseas Chinese and Chinese research under the background of global Chinese studies, Professor SHI Xiaojun, Director of Jinan University Library; Former Chief Editor of Jinan University Press
  • Academic Publishing Experiences with China and the Vision of ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ on International Publishing Cooperation, Mrs Mengdi Turbutt-Cai, Publisher and Director for Paths International, a British academic publisher in the UK
  • Translating Chinese Knowledge to the Globe: the Case of Intellect China Library, Mr Mark Lewis, Managing Director of Intellect and Chair of the Intellect China Library; Dr Hiu Man Chan, Series Editor of the Intellect China Library, and Researcher in creative industries collaboration between the UK and China.

Discussion, Q&A

13:00-13:50 Lunch      

14:00-15:15 Panel III Academic research, knowledge services and digital publishing 

Chair: Dr Baozhen Luo, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, College of Humanities & Social Sciences, Western Washington University, USA

Speakers (12 minutes each):

  • How Research are Funded in Social Science? An Exploratory Study, Dr Narisong Huhe, Lecturer, Department of Politics, School Of Government And Public Policy, University of Strathclyde, UK
  • The journal of Northeast Asia Forum promotes regional cooperation research in Northeast Asia, Dr Xu Jia, Vice-Principal Editor of Northeast Asia Forum, Jilin University, China
  • Theme distribution and knowledge production in China's IR journals, Professor CHEN Zhirui, Executive Editor of Foreign Affairs Review, China Foreign Affairs University, China
  • The Construction of Global Academic Resources Supporting Academic Research: A Case of the Global Academic Express, Ms GUAN Xiaolan, Deputy General Manager, International Division, CNKI, Tongfang Knowledge Network Technology Co., Ltd. China

Discussion, Q&A

15:15-16:00 Closing panel China in the UK media and libraries, the impact of Chinese academic publishing on China and the world

Chair: Professor Hugo de Burgh, The China Media Centre, University of Westminster, UK

Speakers (8 minutes each):

  • How do Western media report China, how do Westerners perceive China? Duncan Bartlett, Editor of Asian Affairs magazine; former presenter of World Business Report on the BBC World Service, UK
  • A hidden treasure in university internationalization: Chinese studies libraries, Dr Mamtimyn Sunuodula, Head of East Asia and HD Chung Chinese Studies Librarian, Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford, UK
  • Introduction of the Contemporary Chinese Social life Archive Alliance (CCSLAA),Professor Letian Zhang, Director of Research Centre for Social and Cultural Anthropology, and Director of the Contemporary China Social Life Archive and Research Centre (CCSLC), Fudan University, China; Chinese President of Global China Institute, UK
  • Globalization of Chinese social sciences and the publication of the ‘globalization of Chinese social sciences book series’ in English and Chinese dual languages,Professor Xiangqun Chang, President of Global China Institute; Editor-in-Chief of the Global Century Press; Honorary Professor of University College London, UK

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