The 5th Global China Dialogue (GCD V):

Governance for Global Justice

December 2018, Friday
8:30-17:00,The Dialogue
The British Academy

18:30-21:30, Reception (by invitation only)
The UK Parliament

The overall concept of the Global China Dialogue series was to provide a regular examination of the consequences of China’s rise for the rest of the world. It has gained in relevance as the world’s governance system comes under ever greater strain from national reactions to globalization. 

Justice is the taken for granted basis of human relations from the personal to the global.  It comes into focus whenever they are disrupted and injustices are denounced.  Today we take one more step towards reviewing the basis for global governance and examining how China can contribute to a just global order.

The 5th Global China Dialogue (GCD V) has brought you nearly 50 speakers consists of academics, professionals, practitioners and officials from Australia, Cambodia, China, Czech Republic, Germany, Hong Kong, the UK and the USA. It is a knowledge feast for you enjoy, sharing diverse views on the Dialogue’s main theme of ‘Governance for Global Justice’ and on the sub-themes discussed in four panels: inclusion, environment, rights and conflicts. In addition, we offer cutting-edge pre- and post-Dialogue forums on, respectively, ‘Digital Interconnection and Intelligent Manufacturing – Social Change and Cultural Transformation in the Global Society‘ and ’Academic Publishing and Knowledge Service for China and China in Comparative Studies’.

We warmly invite you to participate and look forward to seeing you in London 6th-8th December.  



  • Inclusion - In a world of sovereign states can every person belong to global society?  
  • Environment - How can the enjoyment of natural resources by some be prevented from damaging the welfare of others?
  • Rights - Should rights expand as society develops?
  • Conflicts - Can conflicts be managed to secure positive benefits for all?  


English and Chinese


8:30-9:00             Registration

9:00-10:20           Opening session
Chair: Professor Chris Hamnett FAcSS FRSA FKC, Emeritus Professor of Department of Geography and Affiliates of the Lau China Institute, King's College London; Visiting Professor at the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC), Chengdu, China

9:00-9:15              Greetings (5 minutes each):

  • Mr YANG Xiaokun, Minister-Counsellor, the Chinese Embassy to the UK
  • Professor Lord Anthony Giddens, former Director of the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), UK

9:15-10:00          Keynote speeches (20 minutes each):

  • Building the international rule of law for governance of global justice, Professor Charles Sampford, Director of the Institute for Ethics, Governance and Law (IEGL), Griffith University, Australia
  • Differentiation and inclusion: the current situation and future trend of structure change of social stratifications in China, Professor ZHU Guanglei, Vice-President of Nankai University; Vice-President of the Chinese Association of Political Science, China 

10:00-10:10 Ceremony

  • Announcement of two new centers:

           1. Himalayan Civilization Comparative Studies Centre (HCCSC)
           2. Learning without Borders Global Education Comparative Study Center (LwB-GEx)   

  • Presenting letters of appointment (Honorary Presidents, Vice-President, Directors, etc.)

10:10-10:20         Group photo

10:20-11:30         Panel I Inclusion
Chair & discussant: Professor Martin Albrow FAcSS, Honorary Vice-President of the British Sociological Association (BSA); Honorary President, Global China Institute, UK; Emeritus Professor, University of Wales, UK
Speakers (10 minutes each):

  • Governing education systems for excellence with social justice, Professor Susan Robertson, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge; Editor in Chief – Globalisation, Societies and Education
  • Moistening further opening up and development with inclusive culture, Professor ZHANG Zhancang, former President of Henan Academy of Social Sciences, China
  • Is China refashioning the established global order? Duncan Bartlett, Editor of Asian Affairs magazine; former presenter of World Business Report on the BBC World Service, UK 
  • Cooperative governance at macro-regional and global levels: global justice for the poor, Dr Marek Hrubec, Director and a Senior Fellow of the Department of Moral and Political Philosophy and the Centre of Global Studies, Institute of Philosophy, Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic

Discussion, Q&A

11:30-11:45         Coffee/tea break

11:45-12:55         Panel II Environment
Chair & discussant: Professor Charles Sampford, Director of the Institute for Ethics, Governance and Law (IEGL), Griffith University, Australia
Speakers (10 minutes each):

  • Integrating environment and health into China's development strategy: new normals and new challenges, Dr Jennifer Holdaway, Senior Research Fellow at the Oxford School of Global and Area Studies (OSGA), University of Oxford, UK; Co-Director, Forum on Health, Environment and Development, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
  • The present research situation on environmental poverty and justice in China based on CNKI's data analysis, Mr XIAO Hong, Professorial Editor-in-Chief, China Academic Journal (CD) Electronic Publishing House; General Manager of International Publishing Centre of CNKI, China
  • Achieving global justice through sustainability, Mr Steve Trent, co-Founder & Executive Director, Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF), UK
  • Global environmental governance for a digital world, Professor ZHANG Xiaodong, General Secretary and Executive Director of the Academic Board of China Management Science Society; ECO of Agile Think Tank, China; Deputy Director of Global China Institute, UK

Discussion, Q&A

12:55-13:55         Lunch

14:00-15:10         Panel III Rights
Chair & discussant: Dr Marek Hrubec, Director and a Senior Fellow of the Department of Moral and Political Philosophy and the Centre of Global Studies, Institute of Philosophy, Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic
Speakers (10 minutes each):

  • Understanding Chinese investments and how European progressives build strategies with regard to China, Ms Dorothy Guerrero, Head of Policy and Advocacy, Global Justice Now, UK
  • Social Exclusion and the Role of Guanxi against the Background of Social Stratification: Case Studies of Land Distribution in Two Chinese Villages, Dr Ji Ruan, Associate Professor at Hanshan Normal University, China
  • From ‘embedment’ to ‘integration’: Chinese migrant workers’ road to citizenization, from a spatial justice perspective, Professor WANG Tie, Professorial Research Fellow, Director of the Research Centre for New Countryside; Former Director of Institute of Information Science, Wuhan Academy of Social Sciences, China   
  • Migrants’ right to the city: small property rights housing in China, Dr Li Sun, Lecturer in Sociology and Social Policy at the University of Leeds; Consultant to UN, World Bank, OECD, and China.

Discussion, Q&A

15:10-15:25         Coffee/tea break

15:25-16:20         Panel IV Conflicts
Chair & discussant: Dr Dongning Feng, Senior Lecturer, former Director of the Centre for Translation Studies, SOAS, University of London, UK
Speakers (10 minutes each):

  • Rethinking sovereignty in the age of atrocity: crimes & multiple Internal & Inter-state Conflicts, Dr Maung Zarni, Fellow of the Sleuk Rith Institute (a Permanent Documentation Centre), Cambodia
  • Conflict resolution in international relations: a classical Chinese perspective, Dr. Walter LEE, Assistant Professor and Programme Leader for Global and China Studies in the School of Arts and Social Sciences, Open University of Hong Kong
  • The Adjustment of China's Labor Relations and Its Related Social Creation in the Context of Globalization, Equity and Justice, Professor LI Hong, School of Sociology, Northeast Normal University; Executive Director of Jilin Sociological Association, China
  • Urban governance in Hong Kong: the challenges to social justice and the emergence of new pathways to social creativity, Dr Maurizio Marinelli, Senior Lecturer in East Asian History, Co-Director Sussex Asia Centre, University of Sussex, UK

Discussion, Q&A

16:20-17:00         Closing session
Chair: Professor Xiangqun Chang, Director of Global China Institute, UK; Honorary Professor of UCL, UK
Speeches (10 minutes each):

  • Mr XIANG Xiaowei, Minister-Counsellor, Culture Office, Chinese Embassy to the UK
  • Professor Martin Albrow FAcSS, Honorary Vice-President of the British Sociological Association (BSA); Honorary President, Global China Institute, UK; Emeritus Professor, University of Wales, UK

Book launch (5 minutes): Mrs Ingrid Cranfield, Deputy Director of Global China Institute; President of Global Century Press, UK

16:55-17:00         Group photo

18:30-21:30         Reception (by invitation only), at the House of Commons, UK Parliament
Chair: Professor Hugo de Burgh, Director of China Media Centre, University of Westminster, UK
Speeches (5 minutes each):

  • Baroness Kishwer Falkner, Chairman of the Liberal Democrats Parliamentary Policy Committee on Foreign Affairs; Visiting Professor of King’s College London, UK
  • Mr Khalid Nadeem, Chairman of South Asia Middle East Forum, UK
  • Mr Yigang Wang, Chinese Director of Global China Thinktank, Director of Himalayan Civilization Comparative Studies Centre (HCCSC), UK; President of Ancient Space Culture & Art (Chendu) Co., Ltd., China
  • Mr Philip Hao, Deputy General Secretary of Global China Institute, Director of Learning without Borders Global Education Comparative Study Centre (LwB-GEx), Global China Institute; President, YES Global; CEO, UVIC Group and Learning without Borders (LwB), UK
  • Professor Wei Li FAcSS FRSA, Director of the Centre for Applied Linguistics, IOE, University College London
  • Professor Tony McEnery, FAcSS, FRSA, Director of the ESRC Centre for Corpus Approaches to Social Science (CASS) and Distinguished Professor of English Language and Linguistics at Lancaster University, UK 

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